RE Mock Exams Online

Online Mock Exams for RE1 and RE5. Each exam randomly generated from question bank. Test yourself and your knowledge while you study.

R385.00 incl VAT


  • The online mock exams are for RE1 and RE5 for you to practice and test yourself during your studies.
  • Each mock exam is randomly generated from a question bank of over 500 questions.
  • You may take the mock exams as many times as you like during your access.
  • Your result is available online in the platform as soon as you have completed the mock exam.
  • You can then view all the questions and correct answers to the mock exam you just completed.
  • Your subscription to the platform is 40 days from date of registration on the platform.

Please note that the exams are not printable and can ONLY be taken online.

Online access is done manually and you will be notified as soon as your registration is active.


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